Winter Provision Project in Kirklees

Winter Provision Project in Kirklees

Inn Churches Volunteer Roles

 Further information has been provided on the night shelter project piolet. If anyone can help with any of the volunteer roles below please let Peter Beetlestone or Andrew Denton know and we will pass on your details.

Below is a list of suggested volunteer roles for the pilot project. Each venue will need to decide the start and finish times to suit their particular circumstances. With this in mind the times given below are not set in stone. Team Leader (1 per evening) – [7pm-10pm]

  • Coordinate the volunteer team
  • Offer advice and guidance to other volunteers when needed
  • Ensure that all team members follow policies and procedures correctly
  • Be responsible for contacting the on-call staff if necessary
  • When the host venue changes communicate with the team leader in the new host venue

Befriender (2 per evening) – [8-10pm]

  • Sit, chat and listen to the guests
  • Provide a friendly listening ear
  • Discuss any concerns with the Team Leader 

     Transport & Welcoming Volunteer (1-2 per evening) – [6.30-9pm] 

  • Meet referred guests at the Huddersfield Mission evening cafe
  • Accompany guests in taxi to the host venue
  • Welcome guests to the host venue
  • Complete Induction with guests

      Overnighters (4 per evening) – [10pm-8am] 

  • 2 volunteers awake and sleeping in shifts – (10pm – 2.30am) & (2.30am – 7am)
  • To be available if required in emergency

      Morning Volunteers (3 per morning) – [7-9am]

  • Coordinate transport for guests to town for breakfast at the Huddersfield Mission (Mon-Fri only)
  • Clear sleeping area if required for alternative use
  • Provide breakfast at host venue (Sat & Sun only)