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Holmfirth Methodist Church is a Fairtrade Church

In 1992 at an MAYC rally in Trafalgar Square, Rev Kathleen Richardson, then President of the Methodist Conference, challenged the Methodist Church to support Fairtrade, inspiring members of Holmfirth Youth Club and their leaders. Since then the Church has served only Fairtrade drinks, had a Traidcraft stall, supported many Fairtrade events, achieved Fairtrade Church status and initially hosted The Holme Valley Fairtrade Support Group, which achieved Fairtrade Status for the Holme Valley in June 2006.

The support group was relaunched in January 2015 as Holme Valley Fairtrade, meeting on different days and alternating between daytime and evening meetings. Please visit www.holmevalleyfairtrade.com for details.

The Traidcraft stall is now open every Thursday from 10am to noon and after every Sunday morning service. The stall sells tea, coffee, sugar, chocolate, sweets, biscuits, muesli, jam, marmalade and a range of Fairtrade cleaning products. The Church will order drums of coffee, catering packs of teabags and sugar sticks for other Churches in addition to offering a goods on sale or return for special events. If interested please contact Peter Beetlestone on 01484-684838 or email – peterandkathb@btinternet.com.

The Church and many members bought shares in The Fair Traders Cooperative to help establish a shop in Holmfirth that retails only Fairtrade, fairly traded and local products. Please visit their website www.fairtrader.coop for more information.

The Church supports fairandfunky, a local CIC – Community Interest Company. Please visit their website for more information www.fairandfunky.com

The Church strongly encourages all hirers to use Fairtrade tea and coffee.

During February each year there is a Fairtrade display in the Community Room.

We are currently supporting a Circuit initiative to raise the profile of Fairtrade -

  • We held a Fairtrade Service on Sunday January 25th
  • All Church families and individuals are being encouraged to sign the Circuit’s Fairtrade Pledge.
  • The Circuit are joining with Kirklees Fairtrade Forum, Huddersfield Mission and fairandfunky to host a Fairtrade Fayre and Ethical Market on Saturday 28th February.
  • A Circuit Service for All Ages celebrating Fairtrade will be held at the Mission on Sunday March 1st at 3 pm, everyone is invited.

Huddersfield Methodist Circuit

Offering Christ – Enabling Discipleship

Fairtrade Pledge

The Circuit wishes to encourage families and individuals to pledge to buy Fairtrade as part of our Christian commitment to a fairer world. The pledge asks you to commit to buying on a regular basis Fairtrade items as suggested below:

Buying Fairtrade tea and coffee regularly, aiming to drink only Fairtrade tea and coffee.

Buying at least one other Fairtrade grocery item regularly.

Buying only Fairtade bananas and ensuring that every family member has at least one Fairtrade fruit (such as grapes, oranges, pineapples, bananas) regularly.

If you buy chocolate, fruit juice or wine, try Fairtrade.

Buying at least one non- food Fairtrade product each month – flowers, cards, gifts, fruit juice, wine, beauty products, clothing, cleaning products or even gold!!

If you are able to make this commitment please sign the Pledge Card and return the slip to Peter Beetlestone.

Ten good reasons to support Fairtrade

1. Fairtrade pays small scale farmers in developing countries fair and stable prices for their products, so that their businesses are sustainable.

2. Fairtrade benefits whole communities by paying a “social premium” on top of the fair price, to invest in schools, clinics and water supplies.

3. Fairtrade encourages long term trading relationships, so producers can plan their future.

4. Fairtrade producer groups have access to pre-finance so they don’t have to take our expensive loans.

5. Fairtrade reduces the number of middlemen, and puts moe money into farmer’s pockets.

6. Fairtrade farmers practise sustainable farming, which helps protect the environment.

7. Fairtrade products are of high quality, and often organic too.

8. Fairtrade strengthens growers’ communities by promoting democratic processes in deciding how to spend the Fairtrade premium.

9. Fairtrade connects producers with consumers in a system that is transparent and ethical.

10. Fairtrade transforms lives.