Sunday Service

Holmfirth Methodist Church and Scholes Methodist Church held a joint service on Sunday 14 August at Holmfirth, led by Rev David Bidnell. The congregation were welcomed with the good news of the birth of a granddaughter for Linda and Keith Kitson and the celebration of Sheila Walshaw’s 90th Birthday. Following the presentation of a wonderful floral basket by Margaret Hinchliffe, Sheila reminded the congregation that “you don’t stop doing things because you are growing old, you grow old because you stop doing things, so watch the clock – do what it does – keep going!!”The congregation considered stories from the first week of the Olympics, both highs and lows and then sang of the highs and lows in Jesus’ life in “I danced in the morning”. David then introduced a mirror – it shows us the way we are and the way other people see us but also because of angles of reflection you can see and be seen differently. This is true of the interpretation of stories, particularly stories from the Bible. We can interpret stories on face value or put yourself in the story – what does it mean for us and for others? The Bible reading from Samuel was read in three parts by Betty Roberts, Margaret Hinchliffe and Nick Martin. Each part telling a significant story in the life of King David but also reflecting the significant events in our lives and in the world today. Issues of responsibility, relationships and power. “We can be inspired to live differently.”A full Church enjoyed singing appropriate hymns, beautifully accompanied by Carol Hamer (piano) and Barbara Verity (organ).Junior Church was led by Joan Tolson, assisted by Elaine Carr. After the service refreshments were served and the Traidcraft stall was open to sell Fairtrade items.