Sunday Worship - 3 April 2016

The congregation at Holmfirth Methodist Church were very fortunate to have Andrew Marchington leading their all age worship on Sunday. Together with Worship Leader, Andrew Denton, they brought a welcome, fresh approach to worship enabling the congregation to celebrate that “Jesus is Alive”. The dramatic readings and Andrew’s interpretation, the joyful singing and the carefully considered prayers were all crafted into a very meaningful experience for children and adults alike.

Andrew focussed on hands, initially Jesus’ hands and his sacrifice. Then on our hands and how we could and should use them to respond to Jesus’ sacrifice. Caring hands, getting our hands dirty, praying hands, careful hands or give a supporting hand.

Andrew Denton encouraged the children to explore his prayer bag for the intercessory prayers. They picking items from a rucksack and Andrew responded with an appropriate prayer. A tin of pop led to prayers for fresh drinking water, a toy house – the homeless, a polling card – wisdom for those elected, a toy gun – those working to combat terrorism, a doll – children, a palm cross – The Church throughout the world, family photograph – families, a toy police car – people who help us, the emergency services, and a bandage for people who are ill or injured.

Fairtrade refreshments were served after the service in the Community Room, and were supplemented by cakes donated by “Friend to Friend” group who meet at the Church on Fridays.