Remembrance Day Service

Holmfirth Methodist Church shared Holy Communion in their Remembrance Day service led by Rev David Bidnell, supported by Linda Kitson’s worship team. During the thoughtful and reflective service the congregation were encouraged to “remember forward to a world restored” as well as remembering and learning from the past. At 11 o’clock we joined, through Radio 4, the service at the Cenotaph and afterwards considered how we respond to “winning.” We heard the words of Winston Churchill, who was outvoted by his cabinet colleagues when he suggested sending ships of provisions to help the starving in Warsaw in 1918 - Whereas Adolf Hitler vowed to go into politics after Germany’s defeat.

A bible reading from Micah, read by Sue Aldred, helped our understanding; appropriate prayers and well-chosen hymns all contributed to a very positive worshipful experience.

In the evening the Church held its Annual Remembering Service led by Rev Jo Brown. It was an opportunity to remember family and friends who we have loved and lost. During the service names were displayed on the screen and the congregation were invited to light candles in memory of loved ones.