Christian Aid Service 2015

Holmfirth Methodist Church celebrated Christian Aid’s 70th Birthday last Sunday with a challenging, informative and prayerful service which was followed by tea, coffee and buns beautifully decorated by the children in Junior Church. The service was led by Kath Beetlestone who introduced DVD clips from Christian Aid about the desperate plight of women in Ethiopia and how Christian Aid are helping. Loko walks 8 back breaking hours a day collecting firewood to earn £1 which is barely enough to feed her children.

The congregation were seated round tables forming prayer stations, each group were given different prayer pointers to guide their prayers. The prayer stations are remaining in Church for the following week to allow other people to take advantage of the idea while Church is open at lunch time, between 12.15 and 1.45, when it is also an outlet for Holme Valley Foodbank.

The eighteen House to House collectors were prayed for and encouraged and the Church community was challenged to raise an additional £210 to supplement the House to House collection; £70 from the sale of Christian Aid Yorkshire Quiz sheets, £70 from the sales of decorated buns and £70 from a cake stall to be held on Thursday May 28th