Thursday of Holy Week

Today the invitation from Jesus is; 'come to my table, eat my food and share in the feast.'  In Jerusalem an upper room is prepared for a private party to celebrate Passover.  Jesus friends and family were there.  Food and drink. Conversation, jokes and  laughter. Then after supper Jesus kneels infront of each person and lovingley washes their feet.  His freind and disciple Peter protests,  not wanting Jesus to demean himself by washing feet, but Jesus insists and Peter allows Jesus. 
In receiving the tender gesture Peter is accepting all that Jesus wants to give him.  Just as Jesus himself had been lovingly and tenderly anointed by Mary with expensive perfume.  The touch of tender human love for each other was Jesus great command for those who followed him; ' this is my commandment that you  love one another, just as I have loved you.'  To sit at Jesus' table is to receive the love and blessing of God but it is also the place from which we are required to offer genuine tender caring love in words and actions. Jesus also asks his friends to share the cup of wine after dinner.  A symbolic action to say yes to all that Jesus ask of his followers.  And then for Jesus there is the moment of betrayal - Judas who has eaten with Jesus, sets in motion the events that will lead to a painful cruel death on a public cross. 
The invitation to eat with Jesus is both to take our place where we will be blessed and find peace and joy but it is also the place from which we are expected to bring peace and joy to others through what we do, whatever the cost to us.