Thursday of Holy Week

Today the invitation from Jesus is; 'come to my table, eat my food and share in the feast.'  In Jerusalem an upper room is prepared for a private party to celebrate Passover.  Jesus friends and family were there.  Food and drink. Conversation, jokes and  laughter. Then after supper Jesus kneels infront of each person and lovingley washes their feet.  His freind and disciple Peter protests,  not wanting Jesus to demean himself by washing feet, but Jesus insists and Peter allows Jesus. 

Monday of Holy Week

So I have begun the last stage of my Lenten journey. Lent meanders on over its 40 days, but now the torrent of events which will eventually overwhelm Jesus, are building up, and I am invited by Jesus to share in his journey to the cross. Jesus, who came to bring joy and peace, pays a costly price for our peace and joy. His example of complete obedience to God was lived out in all he said and did. Not afraid of challenging the important religious leaders of his time, he said it how it was! His honesty and compassion brought him hostility, ridicule and rejection.

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